Six Good Reasons To Use An Email Signature

Back in the 1990s when email signatures first became popular, they received a bit of a backlash when senders starting abusing their “email powers” and added too many graphics, their own favourite quotations and the dreaded, Comic Sans font (sometimes in multiple colours!). An email signature should be considered a good thing. But it needs to look professional and the content must be in moderation or serve a purpose. Here are six good reasons to use an email signature.

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1. Promote Your Business With Every Email

If you send lots of emails throughout the day, this is a great opportunity to showcase your business and create some brand awareness. The bottom of your email is free advertising space, so why not use it?

2. Get More Customers

There has been times where I have emailed someone in relation to their business, only for them to turn around and ask me about my business, simply because they saw my email signature. If I hadn’t included an email signature, that person would have never known that I offered the exact services he was looking for.

3. Make It Easier To Contact You

By ending your emails with your contact information, there is no way your customers will not know how to get in contact with you. Whether it be your website, your telephone or your location, all the information is right at their fingertips whenever they need it. And that can’t be bad for business.

4. Get More Fans

If you want more fans on your Facebook or Twitter pages, you need to let your customers know they exist! You can (and should) include links to your social pages in your email signature.

5. The Big Players Do It

There’s a reason all the phone companies started adding a “Sent by my iPhone” or “Sent by my Samsung” message to the end of all your outgoing emails (though it’s easy to change those). It’s about creating brand awareness. If these big players think that their brand should be displayed on your emails, why not take advantage of that knowledge and promote your own brand?

6. Look Professional

You may be working from home in your underpants and eating two-minute noodles, but your email signature doesn’t have to reflect that. Using a professionally designed email signature it sends the right message to your customers, both new and old: “I am professional and you can trust me”. Just leave the bit out about what you are wearing.

Amy Jarrett is the co-founder of Australian web design agency Div Party and co-creator of Email Signature Rescue, which helps you create and customise your own professional email signatures.


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