Reckon Drops Quickbooks Brand For Accounts

It used to be that if you ran Quickbooks in Australia, you were running software from Reckon with the name licensed from Intuit, developers of the worldwide Quickbooks package. Then Intuit launched Quickbooks Online in Australia, but Reckon was still selling both local and hosted Quickbooks products. Now Reckon has announced that its Quickbooks software — not to be confused with Intuit's Quickbooks Online — will be rebranded as simply "Accounts".

Reckon held a licence to use the Quickbooks name from Intuit, but has opted to rebrand all of its accounting software lines under the Reckon Accounts brand name from April 2013. It has already rebranded its "Quicken" products along similar brand lines. According to a release from Reckon, it's also in the process of developing a new entirely cloud-based accounting solution, Reckon One, which it will unveil in May.


    What a waste I say, MYOB changed to AccountRight and now QuickBooks is Accounts. Let's confuse your client base.

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