Quib.ly Is A Q&A Site For Your Burning Parenting Tech Questions

How can you teach your child electronics? How effective are kid-friendly web browsers? What effects do violent video games have on young minds? If you have children, you might have questions like these. Quib.ly is a site geared towards answering them.

Although there are lots of parenting forums and other general Q&A sites around, Quib.ly is focused on parenting issues for both mums and dads. The community encourages parenting experts (such as educators) to answer questions, as well as general tech-savvy parents.

Like other Q&A sites, members can vote answers up and down. Questions range from the practical (What apps can prepare a student for exams?) to merely interesting or social (Why is Pokemon still around?).

Whether your child is seven or 17, the site could come in handy for your family.

Quib.ly [via TechCrunch]


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