Qantas-Emirates Now Official: How Your Flight Habits Will Change

Qantas-Emirates Now Official: How Your Flight Habits Will Change

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has officially approved the Qantas-Emirates alliance, meaning the two airlines can begin co-operating fully from April. What does that mean for passengers?

The conditions haven’t changed since the ACCC granted provisional approval back in February; the two airlines must maintain a certain number of seats on Australia/New Zealand routes to avoid a reduction of competition.

For passengers, the big shift is that Dubai will now become the main route through which Qantas flights to Europe pass. Qantas will continue its own flights through to London, but for other European destinations, you’ll generally switch to an Emirates flight. For anywhere in Europe west of London, that’s a definite time-saver. Another visible change at the London end is that co-operation with British Airways will be much reduced (passengers who can’t access an Emirates lounge will end up in an AA Admiral’s Club lounge instead).

Elsewhere, we’ve detailed how frequent flyer and luggage arrangements will change under the alliance, noted that Emirates has better Wi-Fi options, and compared the A380 offerings for the two airlines. I’m looking forward to trying out the new routing in May; what do you think?



  • Shouldn’t that read “For anywhere east of London” being the definite time saver? There’s not very much of Europe to the west of London 🙂

    • What are you talking about?
      All of Europe is west of London, once you cross North America, Japan, bit of China, part of Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and more of Russia you’ll arrive in Europe.

      Learn your geography before you go lecturing the fine (fact checking, always accurate and never wrong) writers at Lifehacker.

      • I must be looking at the map upside down then. To me, it looks like London is to the west of the Continent (north at the top, therefore west is to the left of the map)…

  • I assume this means stopovers at Dubai as opposed to Singapore? I was really starting to get used to Singapore, too. It was the sign that home isn’t all that far away….

  • No comment about the draconian immigration/customs at Dubai airport?There are numerous true stories of people being locked up for months/years for having things like over the counter codeine medications either on them or even in their system.

    An English man got locked up for months because he tested positive to opiates from a poppy seed muffin he ate at another airport in Europe and an English school teacher received a prison sentence of 3 years for having 0.003 of a gram of cannabis stuck in his trouser cuff.

    I certainly wouldn’t risk it.

    • Surely after so many cases of people being arrested overseas one would actually think ones-self was a bit stupid or thick if one carried any illegal drugs into any country?

      As for prescription medicine, especially opiates, it’s written all over your customs declarations, pre-boarding information, and in a million other places to travel WITH a doctor’s authority note for any medicines or if one has a pacemaker or any artificial limbs.

      This is NOT unique to Dubai, it’s proper practice to ANY country.

      Don’t carry any illegal drugs. Don’t carry any prescription drugs with a doctor’s note.

    • No comment about the draconian immigration/customs at Dubai airport?

      +1 on this.

      Queuing time for immigration is horrible. Let’s just hope that people flying there will arrive at a time which isn’t so busy.

    • So what happens if flights get cancelled and the airline has to put passengers in a hotel overnight or if there’s an airport emergency that requires evacuation?

      • Don’t trust FUD as being 100% true. There are circumstances where people may run into trouble *leaving* the airport, however in such cases there are arrangements put in place to ensure the safety of all PAX, including those carrying Codeine, GLBTIQ people, Jewish people, Women in miniskirts, people with Alcohol and everyone else.

        Neither business want’s it’s PAX screwed over by situations that require a trip outside the airport.

    • So if you are poor, live in a cave and enforce primitive and backward laws based on religion and social intolerance, the West will spend billions of dollars trying to annihilate you. But if you are rich, live in a skyscraper, and enforce primitive and backward laws based on religion and social intolerance, then the West will spend billions of dollars arranging economic partnerships with you so their citizens can spend time admiring ridiculously large and ornate swimming pools on their way to somewhere else?

    • Don’t blame the airline, blame the rolls Royce Engines fitted by Airbus. However, I also welcome you to go to avherald and type in any airline, say virgin, and compare that biased newspaper reporting doesn’t actually report every bird ingestion (loud bang and sparks from engine on take off or landing) for other airlines.

      Stop trusting the Murdoch Press people, he has a bee in his bonnet because the airline wouldn’t give him a free upgrade, or messed up his meal, or wouldn’t send a steward into the restroom with him… and ever since has been on the airline’s tail.

      QFA maintenance and incidents are right on par or better than other carriers when you actually look at true data, such as CASA incident reports.

      • You work for Qantas don’t you? From reading your posts on all the comments…you seem very defensive and suspricious.
        These are just opinions, stop being so anal.

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