Pick The Right Colour For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart

As we've seen before, colour quickly conveys emotion and affects people's moods. Whether you're choosing paint for a room or designing a presentation, this chart, which matches specific Pantone colours, can come in handy.

Created by the Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts agency, the chart covers a wide spectrum of colours (not just "green" for example, but 10 shades of green/green-blue). It identifies the positive connotations for each colour, and, where applicable, negative ones too. Here's the full chart (click to expand or right-click to save):

By the way, Pantone has a paint finder tool for matching Pantone colours.

For more on colour theory and graphic design principles, check out Carey Jolliffe's blog.

Mood, Emotions and Color [Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts via Centsational Girl]


    There's a lot of different opinions on these, and even just possibly differing keywords.. We use our own at my company, and it's quite different but with similar effects.

    A decent starting point, but i'd recommend some more research if you're interested.

    There are cultural differences with colour as well.
    I was designing a government website a couple of years ago, and I was asked by my BA why I didn't use a bright red colour for anything but errors - I told her that red was a colour of warning and danger, so it suited that sort of web functionality.
    She is Chinese, and said that in China red is considered a lucky, happy, colour, and not a colour to use for errors or warnings...

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