Pick The Right Colour For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart

Pick The Right Colour For Design With This Colour Psychology Chart

As we’ve seen before, colour quickly conveys emotion and affects people’s moods. Whether you’re choosing paint for a room or designing a presentation, this chart, which matches specific Pantone colours, can come in handy.

Created by the Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts agency, the chart covers a wide spectrum of colours (not just “green” for example, but 10 shades of green/green-blue). It identifies the positive connotations for each colour, and, where applicable, negative ones too. Here’s the full chart (click to expand or right-click to save):


By the way, Pantone has a paint finder tool for matching Pantone colours.

For more on colour theory and graphic design principles, check out Carey Jolliffe’s blog.

Mood, Emotions and Color [Carey Jolliffe Graphic Arts via Centsational Girl]


  • There’s a lot of different opinions on these, and even just possibly differing keywords.. We use our own at my company, and it’s quite different but with similar effects.

    A decent starting point, but i’d recommend some more research if you’re interested.

  • There are cultural differences with colour as well.
    I was designing a government website a couple of years ago, and I was asked by my BA why I didn’t use a bright red colour for anything but errors – I told her that red was a colour of warning and danger, so it suited that sort of web functionality.
    She is Chinese, and said that in China red is considered a lucky, happy, colour, and not a colour to use for errors or warnings…

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