Photograph Your Cloakroom Or Dry Cleaning Ticket With Your Smartphone

Your smartphone makes for an excellent photographic memory because there are so many things that are far easier to remember in a picture. As Redditor PlaySonSwords suggests, the ticket you get from a cloakroom attendant is one of them.

Photo by Paul Cowan (Shutterstock)

The tip is simple and straightforward: before putting that little ticket in your pocket, snap a photo of it with your smartphone. While you may lose the ticket, you're going to notice if your smartphone leaves your pocket at some point. In the event you can't find your claim ticket, you'll have a picture of it and can use that instead. This same tip works for dry cleaning tickets, too.

Always Take a Picture on Your Phone of Your Ticket at a Coat Check [Reddit]


    Totally. An image of every frequent whatever-er number I have is stored in my phone as well. When I see a sign on a noticeboard about something that interests me, I take a photo of it rather than taking one of those tear-off tabs with a phone number and no other information on it. Etc.

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