OCam Supercharges Windows Screen Capture

Windows: Windows only lets you take simple screenshots out of the box, and its built-in screencasting tool doesn't even output a standard video file. oCam is a free utility that solves both of these problems.

oCam overlays a green box on your screen that you can resize and move as you see fit. The capture button below the box will take a screenshot of the selected area and place it in an oCam folder inside of My Documents. If you need to do some tech support for relatives, the record button will start recording a screencast within the green box, and you can choose from a variety of video codecs. It would be great to see oCam add some cloud uploading options, but it's still a huge step up from Windows' built-in tools.

oCam is free, so it's really a no-brainer. If you need something similar for Mac OS X, be sure to check out previously-mentioned Screeny.

oCam (Free) [Oh!Soft via AddictiveTips]


    "Windows only lets you take simple screenshots out of the box"

    Ever since Vista (IIRC, maybe 7) the "Snipping Tool" has been able to capture screenshots of desktop, selection or active window. Built-in feature of Windows for at least 4 years. It supports copy-pasting (to, say, Paint), saving as a PNG and even scribbling or highlighting on the screenshot itself.

    Not that this software doesn't sound good - especially the screencasting. But we've come a LONG way from the ol' "Print-screen -> paste into Paint" days.

    @thesorehead you have obviously never used a proper grabbing tool if you think the snipping tool in win7 is the bees knees!

      haha I'm not saying that :). It's just incorrect to say that the screenshot tool only allows simple screenshots. It's not screencasting, sure, but that's not my point :D

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