Now Play Us Takes The Hassle Out Of Organising Group Gaming Sessions

Dozens of matchmaking services have come and gone. Most of them sucked anyway. Now Play Us is a new contender that wants to simplify the process of finding people to play your favourite games with, whether you know them or not, and whether you want to play right now or later.

Now Play Us actually uses Twitter as its backbone. You sign up with Twitter, and once you've created an account, you can connect your Xbox Live, Steam, PS3, or other account to the service. From there, click the events tab to see all of the scheduled gaming sessions available to join, their time/date and the platform of choice. Click any one of them to join the player list, leave a comment or tweet the event.

You can just as easily create your own events on Now Play Us: just click the calendar icon in the toolbar to schedule a gaming session and put it on the calendar. You can even get notifications when other players join your game. It's easy, fast, and you can even add all events to your personal calendar.

The service is brand new, so don't expect a lot of games to join just yet. There's a good selection of events already though, and once you add your games and invite your friends, everyone benefits. Besides, it's better than just joining random pubs, right?

Now Play Us


    Hrm, could be cool if you're keen to play with people you've never met before and the game you want to play doesn't feature a matchmaking service, though those two small conditions would immediately limit its usefulness pretty severely for most games that are designed to be played online these days..

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