Samsung Isn’t Giving Away Galaxy S4s On Facebook

Samsung Isn’t Giving Away Galaxy S4s On Facebook

There’s nothing new in Internet scams; it’s only the prizes that change, it seems. Today’s fake Facebook giveaway scam is promoting the idea that it will land you a tasty Galaxy S4 smartphone.

I’ve been seeing this (I won’t link to it) pop up on my own Facebook feed a few times over the weekend — which sadly means I have friends who I need to educate a little — but it fails most of the basic sniff tests, given that the language use is imprecise, which is unlikely for a genuine marketing effort.

There’s the obvious fact that the S4 isn’t due to be announced until Mid-March in any case, although the scammers have covered off on that, promising that “We received 5000 Samsung Galaxy S4 (64GB) which can not be released, Therefore, we will take 5000 people among those who share this photo and Like Our Page.” There’s even branding confusion within the page, as “Galaxy S4” and “Galaxy SIV” are used interchangeably. Samsung’s own official communications always use roman numerals for Galaxy products, and that’s unlikely to change.

Still, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, and a quick check with Samsung this morning noted that, indeed, it’s absolutely not official and a total scam. You have been warned.


  • A while ago a friend of a friend of the family almost got caught up in one of those nice Nigerian Prince scam.. err,. serious business propositions. Her reasoning?

    “Someone wouldn’t promise an amount of money that big unless they actually had it. ”

    I kid you not. I facepalmed so hard my hand went through my head and I had to have surgery to reattach half of my head.

    But she taught us all a good lesson here:

    If it’s on the internet, it must be true! Why would these people say they had 5000 Samsung Galaxy S4 units if they didn’t actually have them? The internet was created as a serious research tool, and lying on the internet is frowned upon, so therefore doesn’t happen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pay the AFP $100 for copyright infringement.

  • So, the ‘The greatest smartphone ever’ by samsung for the first quarter of 2013 has ‘Octa-core’ CPU ?

    Now for the possible use-case scenario –

    1. You can watch 4 HD Videos at the same time (buah hua a haha)

    2. You can play games with console level graphics on your mobile with 5″ screen (buah hua a haha)(of course you can connect to TV and play for 20 minutes and then your hand’s burn).

    3. You could probably shoot videos in HDR or even 3D and you’ll realise your make up doesn’t work in HDR and quit using that mode ‘forever’ (buah hua a ha ha).


    4. You can crack 25,000,000 passwords/second (The only practical use of an Octa-core) processor.

    At the end of the day an average user apart from voice calls, would send/receive – sms/mail , ping on What’sapp , talk that could be done efficiently in recent Micromax,lava Android phones. Don’t fall for manufacturer’s gimmicks . Samsung Let S4 better be in Aluminium or It’ll burn you.

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