Meet The New Microsoft And Build A Total Technology Vision For Your Business

IT is no longer an isolated silo within the enterprise — it needs to work with every department to deliver services that make sense and drive profits. Microsoft knows this, and we have redesigned our entire product portfolio to reflect that reality. Come and meet with us and learn how we can help your business perform more efficiently.

We're hosting intimate interactive seminars in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane over the next couple of months which examine how technology has transformed the world of work. The half-day sessions are designed to help senior managers across the board — from IT, sales, finance and HR — understand how a technology vision can drive their business forward.

We'll cover how consumer technology has impacted the workplace, how work processes have evolved and how data centres play a crucial role in delivering those changes and helping you analyse and understand your business. You can meet local Microsoft employees over lunch, network with fellow professionals and learn how to build a comprehensive business technology vision.

Sign up for one of the sessions at the links below, or hit the Microsoft links site for more information. Places are limited, so get in quick!





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    Why not Perth?? IT industry is absolutely booming here!

      I was about to say the same thing exavia lol

      We always miss out!

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