Mark Your Earbuds With Electrical Tape To Easily Tell Left From Right

When you unwrap your earbuds for the first time, it can be confusing trying to work out which one goes in the left ear and which one goes in the right ear. Redditor Asmor offers a simple solution: wrap the base of the bud with electrical tape.

Picture: Canned Muffins/Flickr

On my headphones, the L and R are just embossed and can be very difficult to read, especially if there's not strong, direct light available. I wrapped some tape around the cord below the left earbud so now I just feel for the tape and instantly know which side is which.

This is a handy solution for standard earbuds. For those of you with volume controls and/or a microphone, however, you've already got something on the right side you can identify by touch.

Wrap some electrical tape around the cord below one of your earbuds to identify which side is which quickly by touch [Reddit]


    Even better, you could couple this with a previous article about putting heatshrink on the ends and put different colours on each bud. Makes them last longer and tells you which is which.

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