Make Your Own Multi-Function Sonic Screwdriver

It won't actually do a single thing to a physical screw, or for that matter stop a Dalek in its tracks. Still, I've got to applaud most (but not all) of the features that this nifty hack crams into a homemade Sonic Screwdriver.

This is an interesting bit of hackery, promising a sonic screwdriver that includes functions as an EMF meter, voltage detector, dog whistle, brown note tone generator, sound level meter, ohm meter, volt meter, and an IR universal remote.

I'm dodgy on the whole Brown Note aspect (which is to say that it flat out doesn't exist), but what irks me more is that this is a Sonic Screwdriver that inexplicably plays the theme to Star Wars. That's just wrong. If you do make this particular project — and it's worth noting that not quite all of the build details have been made public just yet — you know precisely which theme it should be playing. Don't make me bring the Ogrons into this. Real Working Sonic Screwdriver [Salvius Robot Project via HackADay]


    Nice effort on the device, but might I suggest the offence you've taken is a tad ... Draconian?

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