Make Perfect Poached Eggs With A Mesh Strainer

Make Perfect Poached Eggs With A Mesh Strainer

Making poached eggs isn’t too difficult, but making them perfectly tight takes practice. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt offers this foolproof method, which he says works 100 per cent of the time: use a metal mesh strainer to get rid of excess white.

Even better, besides forming the egg shape, the strainer is the perfect tool for lowering the egg into your pot.

See the whole technique, which Kenji says he heard from chef Heston Blumenthal and Harold McGee, in the Serious Eats video above.

Video: How to Poach Eggs, the Foolproof Method (Really!) [Serious Eats]


    • If by ‘most’, you mean ‘a tiny part which is mostly water’ – then yes.

      Of course, if you are really that poor and don’t want to waste that five grams of egg white then chuck it in a ziplock bag, and by Friday night you should have enough to make a whisky sour.

  • I am currently on a poached egg bender, and using something to strain the watery white away is one of the best techniques I’ve found for great poached eggs. It is then very clear if the eggs are fresh or not – but the combination of fresh eggs and getting rid of the watery thin white is a great one. Looks professional too, and cooks well without being rubbery or stringy.

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