Make Better Eye Contact And Remember People's Names With One Simple Trick

Do you find yourself stumbling over conversations with other people all the time? Lifehacker reader whyalways shares a tip for making better eye contact and remembering people's names all at once.

Picture: Chris McClanahan/Flickr

Remembering names and making eye contact are important. I had trouble with both. After reading this series at the Art of Manliness, I realised I needed to get better at them. What I've started to do is: as soon as I meet someone new I pair their name with their eye colour. How do I find out their eye colour? By making good eye contact. To learn someone's eye colour you have to look them in the eye. Its a specific thing to do instead of something more general like "make good eye contact".

How does this help me remember their name? Because their eye colour/eyes act as a tethering image in my memory so that their name is attached to something very specific instead of just floating around to get lost/misplaced. Simple and immediate, but has helped me enough that I felt I should share it.

It may not be foolproof for everyone, but it's just one more thing to add to your bag of tricks for remembering people's names and making good eye contact.


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