Make A Solar-Powered, Battery-Free Torch

You probably don't use torches too often, but they're useful when a power outage occurs or you need to go outside at night. Solar torches are a good option, because you can just leave them by the window, and this DIY option doesn't require any batteries at all.

Of course, you need to be able to store energy somehow. While most solar-powered torches store energy in batteries, this DIY project saves it directly in two one-farad super capacitors.

This simple project is not only practical for those times you need a torch, but it also teaches you about solar energy storage. The video above, which details each step, is aimed at kids and details a project almost anyone can accomplish with the right tools and components. To learn more, check out the full post over at Make Projects.

Solar Powered Flashlight With No Battery! [Make Projects]


    Capacitors are becoming more and more common in use this way - i'm not a hardware kind of guy, I always thought though of capacitors as instant discharge devices, how do these new gen techs harness it sustainably this way and what are the core benefits of capacitors over batteries?

    Next week, inflatable dartboards and the water-proof teabag!

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