Let Unknown Callers Go To Voicemail If You're Applying For Jobs

If you have any open job applications, you never know when a potential future employer will try to get in touch, so it's usually best just to let any calls from unknown numbers go to voicemail.

Pretty much nothing can go well by getting caught off guard by a call from a potential employer. If you're at work, you may need to awkwardly find a private room. If you're at lunch or out with friends, the background noise from your end of the call could sound distracting or unprofessional. Even if you're in a perfect position to take the call, it's still probably better to glean some information about the caller from a voicemail and get yourself in the right frame of mind before calling back.

It may seem obvious, but it's easy to answer calls immediately out of habit, so it's a good tip to keep in the back of your mind. Be sure to check out the source link for more pre-interview tips.

Are You Blowing the Interview Before It Even Starts? [US News & World Report Money]

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    Or you could just answer your phone professionally every time.
    Hell my own mother calls me and she still gets a "Hello this is [Insert Name Here] speaking".

      Mind you I have had a boss who a friend works for call me from the friends phone for my interview and I responded with "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP" so it may be a conditioned response.

        Also in that vein, in a similar situation, I answered ' WTF, calling again? I know you say you do fuk all, but you don't need to prove it' upon seeing my mates number come up

        His boss then introduced himself....


          I also find that sometimes while i'm checking my voicemail messages is that my cheek/ear will somehow press the numbers on my touch screen keypad and delete my messages before actually listening to them, can be real frustrating at times. Stupid touch screen rubbish :P

          I think the moral of these stories is, if your boss wants to call your mate, either give him the number or call yourself and do a handover before the boss hears anything. Not that it helps those whose friends don't follow the code!

          I cannot glean a person who would allow their boss to ring a mate via their very own phone. That is just plain madness. I would have words with such a friend and they would not be civil words.

        I think the question we all want answered is, did you get the job?

    You have one new voicemail... *click*

    Shit, who was that? Was it about the job? Damnit!

    I usually refuse to leave voicemail messages, if I was calling someone to offer them a job interview or the job itself and I got voicemail each time I would feel that they don't think it important enough to take my call.

    Also a lot of people still have idiot voicemails "Sorry but Bob (in the most monotone voice) is out partying and will call you back when he is sober wooooooo"

    Yeah total employee material there

      This. When an employer has multiple resumes and interviews to get through, if you don't answer the phone, you've missed the opportunity.

        I agree for menial jobs, but for professional jobs this just doesn't happen. Frequently my agents and I play phone tag until we're both free. Plus, every time an application has got serious, agents are willing to converse well outside of work hours.

        Oh wow! I work in a job where I'm dealing with customers all day and can't answer my phone whenever it rings. Guess I'm stuck here forever.

      Wow, that's very short sighted. Never mind that they might be driving, in a meeting, or on the toilet. Sounds like an excuse for your own lack of patience.

      That's win win really because who would want to have a wanker like you as a boss anyway?

      "I'm too good to leave voicemails, I'm a powerful man with my wee willy winky!".

      Frankly there are two people on this world that I don't let it go to voicemail for. For anyone else, if it was important enough to annoy me by daring to call me, then it is important enough for them to leave a voicemail. I will then call them back at a time of my choosing and they are usually very grateful for the honour.

    The vast majority of recruiters have blocked/silent numbers, and with the amount of submissions they get for jobs will often take an unanswered call as an excuse to drop that candidate and move on to the next.

    When you're looking for work, answer every call you possibly can in as professional a manner as you can, especially during or near business hours. After hours you can return to ignoring blocked numbers.

    This is plain and simple bad advice right here.

      For the past few days now I have been getting nuisance/prank calls, probably about 10-15 times a day, I was thinking "What if was waiting for an important call" am I supposed to answer every blocked number with "Hello X speaking" I just wish sometimes important callers would at least call me with a normal number, Not many people like to answer blocked numbers, 8/10 it's usually someone you don't want to talk to.

      Last edited 25/03/13 1:52 pm

        When I'm not job searching, I usually ignore unfamiliar numbers for that very reason. This includes both numbers I don't recognise as well as blocked numbers. If it's important, they'll leave voicemail and I can call back.

        When job searching though, it's another matter all together and if I can possibly answer it, sound professional, and be audible over background noise, I do so, even if it's to ask them to call back at a better time.

        The advice shouldn't be "divert to voicemail" but rather "be mindful that you're job searching you idiot!".

      I worked through a number of recruitment agencies over a couple of years and your experience does not ring true to me.

      Most people have accepted that we live in a society where there is nothing wrong with voicemail.

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