Learn To See Like An Artist

According to designer and educator Inge Druckrey, one of the best presents of art education is to enjoy seeing: "Suddenly, you begin to see things in your daily life that you never noticed." In this acclaimed video, Inge explains how she teaches design students to see.

It's a long, 38-minute video (bookmark it if you don't have time now), but it contains many lessons on creativity, such as how limitations can be a structure for finding creative solutions, and why just staring can help you see what's possible. It's also a beautifully made film.

Whether you're an aspiring artist or not, the video can teach you how to really look, notice and appreciate design details, and become more critical and curious in the process.

Teaching to See [via 99u]


    tl;dw Key points, anyone?

      Abstraction: See objects as geometry.
      Create posters that reveal more the longer you look.
      English/Roman alphabet has geometric flow to the letters; each letter has either straight lines, or small/large semi-circles.
      Contrast between conservative, rational eyes, and the radical, expressive hand when dealing with typography.
      Steve Jobs praised Reed college's calligraphy department.
      Internalise the rhythm and flow of writing letters.
      Restrictions help creativity.
      Subtle colour variations don't go unnoticed (eg. old-style maps).
      Posters need big and small information, to capture and inform respectively.

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