Is Australian Seafood Safe To Eat?

Is Australian Seafood Safe To Eat?

The Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (Seafood CRC) has released the first major report analysing the contents of locally-produced seafood in over a decade. The report gives a breakdown of nutritional data for wild and farmed seafood in a bid to determine whether it’s actually safe to eat.

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The Seafood CRC report provides an in-depth nutritional analysis of the key 20 seafood species popular with Australian consumers, ranging from wild banana prawns to native oysters. Each species was confirmed prior to testing using DNA profiling. The researchers then looked at the energy, protein, fat, sodium, fatty acids, water, vitamins and minerals present in each seafood type.

So how did our seafood fare?

The scientific results have confirmed that Australian seafood is healthy and safe to eat… All products tested contained health promoting omega three fatty acids and several species, including Atlantic Salmon and Sardines, were discovered to contain particularly high quantities of important vitamins and minerals and omega 3 fatty acids.

Sorry for the false scare, readers — we admit our headline was a bit of a red herring. Cough.

An accompanying ‘Super Seafood‘ brochure outlining the nutritional value of each seafood type will be available at participating seafood retailers. You can view the kit here.

We feel it’s worth pointing out that the above research was partly funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, with a clear eye on commercial fishing interests.

“The Super Seafood brochure and associated kit can be used by businesses to develop key nutrient messages in their marketing, labelling and packaging through downloadable nutrition information panels, engaging info‐graphics and through a consumer focused guide allowing them to share the good news about Australian seafood with their customers,” the Seafood CRC handily explains. Hmm.

It almost sounds like they’re trying to distract us from rampant overfishing, or something.

What’s your all-time favourite seafood? Are there any seafood restaurants you’d care to recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.


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