Is A Treat-Dispensing Cat Scratching Post Really A Good Idea?


As a cat owner, I’m all too well aware of the damage that cats can do to furniture. I’m not entirely sold on the idea of a treat-dispensing cat scratching post as the answer, however.

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MAKE has the details on how to actually construct such a post. The basic idea is relatively clever, as the cat is attracted by a catnip cup at the top of the post. As he or she scratches the post, treats are dropped out of the treat dispensing section.

The thing is, I suspect one of my cats would work out all too fast how to break into the treat section if I pre-loaded it with treats, while the other one bit off the catnip cup and ran off with it. Either that, or I’d spend all day filling the thing, at which point cat obesity would once more rear its health-problem-inducing head. Maybe that’s just my cats, but for now I’ll be keeping to my standard strategy of a water spray bottle.

How-To: Cat Scratch Feeder [MAKE]


  • My cat would just ignore it, and continue vandalising every other piece of furniture in the house. This scratching post would join the countless other ranks of scratching posts that are retired to the tip.

    • Yeah, mine would be exactly the same. I’ve tried buying them scratching posts, but they just ignore them. I suspect mine simply aren’t very smart…

  • there are a few major things to get a cat to use a scratching post.
    1. Never try to show your cat how to use it. This is a big one.
    2. Some times a cat may not start using a scratching post for 6 months. You have to be very patient. You can still kick its arse for scratching the wrong thing i.e. couch
    Make sure that it is big enough. I belive the right amount is from it’s bum to there outstretched limbs.

    My cat was 6 years old when I tried to get him to use one, and he didn’t touch it for more then a year..

  • My British Shorthair won’t settle for anything less than a $6,000 Malvena Chintz lounge.

    It’s a few years old now and when Harry removes the last remnants of material I intend to order a bespoke one fashioned as a scratching post.

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