Instantly Hide Any File In OS X By Putting It In Your Library Folder

Mac: Still trying to find the best way to hide your porn? Uh, I mean..."Sensitive Documents?" Macworld has a quick tip for Lion and Mountain Lion users: Just drag them to your Library folder.

Sure, you could jump into a Terminal and use setfile or chflags, but this is much quicker if you don't know those commands off the top of your head. Just head to the "Go To Folder" option in Finder, type ~/Library, and drag your files in there.

Not only is the Library folder hidden by default, but there's enough stuff in there that it won't stand out. What's also nice about this is that you know where they're all stored. That way, unlike putting a full stop before the file name, you don't have to run a command to show hidden files when you want to watch you por — um, access your sensitive documents.

Hit the link for more ways to hide files and folders on the Mac.

8 ways to hide files and folders in OS X [Macworld]


    Yes put your porn into your system folder. That's not a bad idea at all. Nothing bad could ever happen!

      You don't understand computers much, eh?

    Of course, you could do it a little smarter and hold down the option button and clicking the Go menu of finder. Holding the option down makes the library folder show up in the menu.

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