Instabridge Invites Friends To Join Your Wi-Fi Network, No Password Necessary

Android: Joining the Wi-Fi network at a friend's place is more of a hassle than it should be. Instabridge solves the problem of illegibly scrawled Wi-Fi passwords by letting your friends invite you to join their networks from their phone.

Instabridge is an elegant solution to a problem we've all experienced before. If you're connected to a network, you can invite any of your friends to join the network without having to locate and type in the password. If you decide you don't want them on your network anymore, you can remove them. Obviously, you should only do this with people you trust, lest you open your Wi-Fi to the entire world. Check out the security info for more on how Instabridge works.

The app only works on Android now, but the site hints at future releases on other platforms. Download it now at the link below to try it out.

Instabridge (free) [Google Play via @adampash]


    This is a pretty cool idea.

      I thought so to until I read this:

      "We use your Facebook account to retrieve your list of friends, so you can select people who you’d like to share Wi-Fi with. This is optional, but essential to getting the most out of Instabridge.

      We never post anything on your wall without your consent, and we cannot see or store your Facebook password."

      So I need a facebook account to manage my wi-fi?...

      Does that mean I have to friend someone so they can access wi-fi at my place?

      I'll stick with the QR code I have on the wall at my place.

        Actually some form of standardised URI would be awesome for this.

        Like: "wireless://MyAPIsAwesome?code=WirelessPassphrase"

        So a QR code could have that and scanning it would automagically added it to your phone/device.

        Anyone on a computer can just read it from the URI they scanned.

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