Hyper-V Replica Will Change How You Think About Disaster Recovery

The replication capabilities built into Hyper-V Replica, one of the key virtualisation features available to Windows Server 2012, will change the way you think about disaster recovery. With Hyper-V Replica, you can easily move VMs from one machine to another.

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Virtual machines are a crucial part of any high availability environment. Hyper-V Replica lets you take the next step into continuous availability. Moving a virtual machine from one environment requires no more than selecting the original machine and the new target.

Hyper-V Replica works across a wide range of transports: local area networks, wide-area networks and even using Wi-Fi connections. Can't make a direct connection to a new or remote site? Export the replica to a USB drive and then manually import it to the destination server. Whatever your requirements, Hyper-V Replica makes the process of duplicating virtual machine instances totally straightforward. As a result, creating disaster recovery environments moves from a complex task to one that can be completed in just a few clicks.

That approach appealed to ING Bank, which used Hyper-V Replica extensively to replicate between servers in its global locations. However, the approach isn't just limited to multi-country global enteprises. Service providers can easily use Hyper-V Replica to provide high availability disaster recovery services to small businesses, letting them take advantage of the flexibility of the modern Windows Server 2012 environment without needing permanent staff to manage their backup and DR approach.

Want to discover the benefits of Hyper-V Server 2012 for yourself? It's free, so download it now.


    2 shares for an ad lol. Nice work.

    Sometimes I think you guys personally share stuff just so it doesn't have 0 shares because everything pretty much has at least 2-3

      Although this is an ad, it is a damn nice feature and worth telling people about. Hyper-V is finally usable

        It's been quite awesome for a long time :P It's just their marketing for it has picked up a lot.

          I didn't like the previous version tbh. I love the extra features now though. I still hate trying to manage it in a non-domain environment though... Why or why did they make this such a pain in the butt

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