How Old Is Your Primary Computer?

In the past, you had to upgrade your computer almost every year just to keep up with advancements in basic software and operating systems. Upgrading regularly isn't so necessary any more, unless you're playing modern games or using specific types of resource-hungry applications. How old is your system?

Having an older computer is nothing to be ashamed of. If it does what you need it to do, who really cares if you bought it back when smart phones were still a new thing? In that spirit, we've shown you 10 ways you can make the best of an old, crappy computer.

But for now, we'd like to know how old your computer is — not the oldest computer you may have sitting around somewhere, but the computer you use every day. Tell us (and tell us why you made that choice) in the comments.


    My main PC would be around 3 years old, Core i5 760, 8GB Ram, 6950 1GB video card, 128GB SSD. More than enough to do pretty much anything I can think of with it. I normally build a new system every 3 years, but so far I haven't found the need to, and could most likely stretch this PC to 4 - 5 yrs I think. To me, hardware has hit an apex, the GHZ wars are over, chuck a half decent CPU with an SSD and 4 GB of ram, you got yourself a PC that will do most tasks quickly for years.

    Well, the motherboard, 8GB RAM, GPU GTX560 1GB, CPU i5 2500, & primary HDD 500GB are just on a year old.

    The case Antec 902, secondary & HDD 1TB are going on 3 years old, the 800W PSU & disc drives are close to 6 or 7 years old. Keyboard Razer Lycosa is 5 years old, mouse Razer mamba is 3, monitor not a clue, speakers Logitech Z4's are 4 years old I think.

    So it's not on specific age, but a combination of ages.

    NB, the Razer gear was sold pretty much brand new to me by a mate, for cheap. I wouldn't bother with another keyboard from them unless it was the Blackwidow Mehcanical, and the Mamba, well.. I think the Deathadder would be more than plenty since I don't use it in wireless form.

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      Hahahaha! Sound's like the proverbial 'my grandfathers axe'.
      "It's had three new heads and five new handles but it's still the same axe" :P

        Haha, yes! It does sound like that doesn't it :P

    Current rig is over 1 year old with core i5 Sandy Bridge 3750K 240GB 520 series SSD. Recent upgrades were PSU (for modular) and video card (GTX660TI) to support 2560x1400. 8gb 1600 RAM which is only useful for virtuals.

    I expect only to upgrade the RAM in the near future everything else is humming along nicely.

    Just under a year old, although the components have been available for years.
    Phenom II x4 955BE, Radeon HD6870, 500GB hard drive + 3*80GB in RAID 0

    My PC that I initially used for gaming: 6 years old. My laptop that I now use for work: nearly 4 years old. I stopped PC gaming in 2009 and went solely to PSP and then PS3. Since I don't game on either of the computers I can continue to use them fine.

    Though I am considering buying a new gaming laptop if budget permits.

    5 years old! E8500 still a great CPU. P5Q-SE a killer motherboard. Probably time for an upgrade though

      Holy shit! They were a ballin' CPU. I remember when they were the hot item, I wanted to upgrade to one from my E6600 which was pretty laggy at the time.

      5 years with a Wolfdale Core 2 Duo as well. Still play games on it, although at medium settings. Not powerful enough for video editing though. I've already planned to build a new one later this year.

    Almost 5 years now, and it is a laptop running Core 2 Duo with X3100 IGP

    I don't game on my computer anymore since getting a PS3 4 years ago, and now that I have a tablet, I basically only use my PC for storage and transferring photos from my mirrorless cam. I'm pretty sure my next PC when this one expires, will be just a basic box. I think digital media storage aside, I don't need a PC anymore, and 95%+ of the stuff that I do can be done via a tablet

    My wife has my oldest machine i7, 8Gb DDR3, my media centre has my last machine i7, 8Gb DDR3 and ATI HD 5870 my current i7 is only a year or two old with 16Gb DDR 3 and ATI Radeon HD 7970. Will probably upgrade either end of 13 or most likely beginning of 14. :)

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    I built my rig last week out of hand-me-downs and second hand gear with a new PSU. It's got an Athlon X4 620, GeForce 550Ti 1GB, 4GB DDR2 and a 120GB SSD. Definitely nothing flash, but it holds its own pretty well in most games, and it's a huge upgrade for design work from my old Core 2 Duo laptop.

    my main computer is a P4 2.8 with 1gb ram. I run xubuntu 12.04 so it still feels quick

    Main rig is about 4 months old, purring along like a dream. AMD A-10 5800k; 16GB RAM; 120GB SSD; Win8 Pro. The aim is to add a HD6670 if/when I get through my backlog of older games and need the extra grunt (also dual-graphics with the APU is just cool). This should be perfectly fine for 4-5 years, at which time it will replace my existing server (itself being my old main rig) in a more HTPC-like case while I upgrade to whatever is around at that time.

      may as well get yourself an ATI 7 series gpu, like a 7870 or a 7950, won't need dual graphics then and it'll probably end up being around about the same price. My Asus HD 7870 cost me $270 something like 5 months ago and it goes like a dream!

        While I appreciate the tip, I'm more looking at something like this:

        I've becomed very accustomed to having a quiet PC, and while my current case isn't as quiet as the last one I really don't need another fan whining in my ear! My needs aren't very great, nor is my budget :P, but hey if the numbers line up and in 6 months time (or longer, depending on how long it takes to get through everything from Max Payne to Saints Row: The Third) I can get a more powerful silent card for <$100, I'll definitely consider it! :D

          you do make a good point, always good to have a nice and silent rig. My last rig towards the end of it's life sounded more like a loud rattling car engine, so I currently have a rig that sounds like a ninja in the wind compared :P

          But when you think about it, in the long term definitely better to go for a higher spec card, for me at least, upgrading from an Asus GTX550Ti to an Asus Radeon HD 7870 actually made next to no difference in terms of noise considering the new card has 2 fans whereas the old one only had 1. If anything what makes the most noise in my rig would be the rear 140mm fan and my 2TB Samsung Spinpoint drive.

            I suspect your upgrade cycle is quite a bit shorter than mine - I upgraded from an Athlon X2 4400+ / GeForce 8600GT that I built in 2008! My main reason to upgrade was games - and it's only just now that the games I like to play (like Starcraft 2 and DOTA 2) have really required something more powerful than that. I have all the power I want right now, and should I ever need more a part that costs <$100 in 2013 will do the trick. Sure, I'd like heaps and heaps of pixel-pushing power, but I recognise that I just don't use it. It would be wasted on the likes of Minecraft, FTL, Titan Quest, Max Payne etc. :D

    2006, a nice little core 2 duo E6700. It's got 4gb of ram, a circa-2009 video card, a budget SSD, and LMDE. I got it from the side of the road a few years ago so I can't say I've invested much money in it.

    I pretty much never push that processor so I don't think I'll be replacing it any time soon.

    2007 I built mine. A Intel Q6600 Quad-core CPU, 8gb DDR2 RAM. Gigabyte Motherboard (Can't remember the model). It has had the PSU and video card upgrade since then (only because the video card died). The replacements are Sapphire Radeon HD7770 video card and Corsair 750 Watt PSU. Still going strong, but I would love to be able to upgrade now.

    about 1.5 years old now, needs a small upgrade on the CPU & Mobo (might be heading towards an AMD/ASRock combo).... but:
    Intel i5 2500 (3.3ghz)
    Asus P8P67 LE
    Asus Radeon HD 7870
    Corsair Vengeance LP 1600mhz DDR3 RAM (2x4GB)
    Corsair Force Series 80GB SSD (SATA2) [running Win7]
    Samsung 840 Series 120GB SSD (SATA3) [running Ubuntu QQ]
    Samsung 2TB Spinpoint HDD (low power from 5400-7200rpm)
    Sony BD-ROM
    Imation DVD-Burner
    XFX Modular 650watt PSU
    BitFenix Colossus Case

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    A nice i7 Samsung ultrabook with 8 gig of ram, less than half a year old.
    Before that it was my giant Dell XPS tower, bought in 2007 I think. It worked great with zero issues and I was comfortable with it. But when the inevitable happened and things began to go screwy it was waaaaaay cheaper to get a new far better comp than upgrade the old one.
    I will still probably upgrade the old beasty though but at this stage the only thing I'll probably retain is the casing, because the other parts are too old but the aluminium casing is dead sexy. :)

    About 9 months old, a Dell XPS 17, with an i7-2760, GeForce GT-555M (3D), 2 x 750Gb HDs, and 8Gb RAM. Replaced my old XPS M1710 from 2006 (I still use that, but it can't run off battery any more).

    I think that narrowly wins as the PC I use most, but my BYOD laptop - a Samsung Series 5 350V5C - is a very close second (i5-3210, Radeon HD 7670M, 500 Gb hard drive, 4 Gb RAM).

    Outside of my main job, I primarily work/play from my Alienware M11x (i7-2637M CPU, 16GB RAM, GeForce GT 540M, 750GB HDD, 11.6" display), which is just under a year old. I typically update every year or two, but it will be a while until my next upgrade as the M11x has been discontinued and I haven't found a similarly spec'ed netbook. If anyone can recommend a similar lappy, please let me know (must be under 12", preferably under 10").

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    The core of my self-built desktop at home is 3 years, 10months old (i7 920, motherboard, PSU, Noctua heatsink, 750GB 7200RPM storage drive, GTX 275).

    Did a big upgrade 15months ago, new case (Corsair 600T White), doubled RAM to 12GB (Corsair Vengeance RAM - Triple Channel), Radeon 6970 OC, more fans and a second monitor to run off the new video card.

    My OCZ Vertex SSD died at the 3 year mark (10 months ago), replaced with an Intel 520.

    The Radeon 6970 died in late January while still under warranty, got a 7850 back as a replacement but that is now on Ebay because I found that NVidia drivers on Linux (switched in November last year) are that much better than ATI that the GTX 275 is outperforming the 7850! Going to buy a GTX 660Ti for use with Steam on Linux.

    After that and restoring the OC on the CPU (disabled while troubleshooting when the GPU was dying in January), I can't see my core system system needing an update for a couple of years or more!

    2 years old in May. It's still going fairly well, but it desperately needs some more RAM. It only has 4gb and it's not enough.

    As far as games go, it can run Tomb Raider on high with tessellation on perfectly fine so I'm in no need of a major upgrade yet. The 6850 still runs surprisingly strong.

    well my oldest machine is actually my main machine.

    it is approx 5/6 years old (holy crap) but with a 3.2GHz dual core 4GB ram and LOTS of storage space it is up to any non gaming task
    its a media center machine so really once its built i try not to touch it too much.
    I got an SSD about a year ago which made a big difference to non video stuff.

    my newest machine is my kitchen touch screen pc.
    had the touch screen for a while but when the win 8 beta came out i built a new machine.
    core i3 4GB ram and 60GB SSD. it was cheap and blazing fast for what it does. web browser, media streamer and recipe book.
    almost instant on.

    but yeah the only reason i feel the need to upgrade my pc is for gaming but at the same time my media center machine is pretty much an always on machine and i dont know how long a high end GPU would go in that environment

    Mine was 5 years old few weeks ago, does everything I need it to do except new games (easily fixed with lower graphic settings). Wanted to add more ram but DDR2 is way more expensive than DDR3. In the end I spent $170 upgraded the CPU and mainboard with existing DDR3 RAM I pinched from my microserver. So a few weeks old now.

    My Desktop is a circa 2009 Core 2 Quad w/6GB RAM and Win7 - my Laptop is a Mid 2009 MacBook w/4GB RAM and a OCZ Agility 3 SSD. Both suit my needs well. A MacBook Pro is in my future - I'm certain this desktop will be my last.

    6 years old.
    Core 2 Quad Q6600
    8GB DDR2
    Gigabyte GA x48-DQ6 (replaced a failed board)
    128 GB SSD
    Nvidia GTX460 OC 1GB (replaced a GTS8800)
    Does everything I need. I replaced the motherboard and graphics card over the last 6 years. The current motherboard is 5 years old but the GFX card is only about 12 months. My GTS 8800 though came over from my last computer which i had for 3 years so it was about 6 years old when it bit the dust.

    I'm keeping it running until it fails a critical component i can't replace easily, then I'll probably drop a grand bringing it up to speed again.

    the NAS is a Pentium D with 8gb RAM and 4 TB of disk. it was built about 3 years ago (but had much less disk back then).

    laptop is a Sony vpcs full HD 15" core i5 with 12gb RAM and 128gb crucial SSD that is about a year old.

    well, my main desktop is an original i7 and an ati 5870 and my laptop is one of the last centrinos both are still going strong. my main desktop has always used the same case too, about 8 years old now.

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