How Many Times Do You Wear Clothes Before Washing Them?

How Many Times Do You Wear Clothes Before Washing Them?

Washing your clothes too often can wear them out quickly, but washing them rarely just gets you dirty clothes. How many times you wear your clothes before washing them?

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Weblog SavvySugar has a little cheatsheet showing how often you should wash clothes (according to them, of course), but we all know it isn’t that simple. How often do you wash shirts? Pants? Blazers? Share your laundry rules and why with us in the comments below.

How Many Wears Before You Need to Wash [SavvySugar via Wise Bread]


  • This assumes no heavy activity / sweating / soiling of the clothes, in which case they go in to the wash; generally speaking pants & shirts get 2 or 3 times out of them, especially work clothes. If I’m just sitting in a chair for 8 hours and not working very hard I don’t really think my uniform is getting that dirty.

    Jeans I don’t have any “set” wash pattern, just whenever they look like they need it. I’m very much in the “as little as possible” camp on this one.

    Now that I’ve read the linked article it appears I’m on the approximately right track.

  • The linked article says socks are 1-2 wears.. Really? Yeesh..
    Mine are: Any tops that come in direct contact with my body, 1 wear. Underwear and socks, 1 wear. Pants other than jeans, 6 or 7 wears. Jeans, whenever I look at them with revulsion when putting them on in the morning. Casual jackets, only if I’ve spilled something on them or have been in a smoky environment and it stinks.

  • The girl perspective, and assuming no strenuous/sweaty activity or stinky/smokey environments:
    • Undies, socks/knee-length stockings, pantihose, sports bras: 1 wear
    • Regular bras: 3 to 4 wears (perhaps fewer in really hot weather)
    • T-shirts and similar cotton knits: 2 wears
    • Jeans: as little as possible and it’s mostly about look and feel – my jeans go in the wash when they begin to feel a bit baggy and soft, since the washing process tightens them up again
    • Wool sweaters: I wash these about twice year; there might be an extra wash if one gets stinky, but usually hanging them out in the sun for an afternoon is enough to freshen them up
    • Tailored pants, formal jackets, suits, and anything that needs dry cleaning or is made from wool fabric: I will hang them in the bathroom or out in the sun as a first resort, then get them cleaned when they fail to pass the sniff test. I’m guessing I get a lot of wears out of these sorts of garments.

  • Most of my clothing I wash after 1 to 2 wears. Sometimes its a bit more if I was only wearing it for a portion of the day, i.e. work clothes for a half day shift.

    Bit surprised that they listed PJ’s as 3-4 You spend 8 hours in them at least I always wash after 2 wears.

  • T-shirts- 2-3 times
    Hoodies- 4-6 times
    Jeans- 5-7 times
    Underwear- once
    Socks- 5-6 times (less if my feet smell a lot, but I don’t mind if they smell a little)

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