How Do You Stack Your Dishwasher?

How Do You Stack Your Dishwasher?

The effectiveness of your dishwasher often depends on how well you stack it. Do you throw your dishes in and hope for the best, or carefully build a delicate tower of plates, cups and dirty forks?


As part of a four year study and research into dishwasher testing, CHOICE has released limited data suggesting that everybody packs dishwashers slightly differently. Amongst the issues that CHOICE highlights are “shadowing” — that’s putting one object directly over another, which will limit the amount of cleaning both items receive in a regular wash — as well as changes in the size of dishes we’re putting into dishwashers, a factor that CHOICE’s Matthew Steen puts down to the influence of Asian cooking on Australian culture.

The CHOICE survey also revealed a family that cleans its LEGO in the dishwasher. Probably not a bad idea if you’ve got lots of Duplo, but surely a recipe for disaster and dishwasher jams if you’re more on the Technics side of things, and a terrible idea for the Mindstorms crowd.

Dishwasher packing is something that I’m quite meticulous about, if only because I hate taking out a dirty cup or plate from a dishwasher after it’s done, but then I split roughly 50/50 between running the dishwasher and just washing the dishes myself. What’s your dishwasher packing routine?


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