Has Apple Quietly Extended Aussie Warranties?

Has Apple Quietly Extended Aussie Warranties?

When you buy an Apple gadget from Apple itself (and, indeed, from many of its resellers), AppleCare is pushed pretty heavily to extend your warranty beyond a year, even though strictly speaking most of Apple’s products should be warrantied for longer than that. It appears that Apple may be changing its policy, with reports that it’s extending that coverage out to two years, gratis.

MacTalk reported on the change over the weekend, noting that Apple has apparently advised its store staff that:

“Any iPhone, iPad or Mac brought to a Genius bar that is between 13 and 24 months old and has not been subject to abuse or accidental damage, will automatically be flagged as eligible for repair or replacement via the iRepair or MobileGenius software.”

That’s closer in line to the ACCC guidelines, which are broad and essentially state that there’s no set time period, but instead that good should last a “reasonable” time based on cost and quality. Apple sells itself as a premium brand, so the fact that it only offers (on paper) 12 month warranties is a little ludicrous.

Then again, as we’ve noted previously, the extra AppleCare warranty also offers other services, such as phone support and overseas warranty coverage if that’s important to you. Apple hasn’t made the “new” warranties a formal thing, and under ACCC guidelines they’re not obliged to, but I’ve reached out to to them for comment on the issue.

Apple Australia Quietly Extends Warranties to 24 Months [MacTalk]


  • Well done Apple!
    Now what does this mean for the warranty on “replacement phones”? I got a replacement iPhone4s from Apple about 6 months ago. Is that still covered under warranty, or not?

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