Hang Shirts In Your Drawers

We already know that filling your drawers from back to front is the best way to organise your shirts, but this hack takes the concept to the next level.

This project is pretty involved, but it has incredible potential. Basically, you attach two metal towel rods lengthwise across the front and back of your drawers, then bend some thinner rods at the ends to wrap over them. If your drawers are deep enough, you'll be able to drape your shirts over the rods to essentially hang them inside your dresser, no folding required. IKEA Hackers has the complete guide (though there's nothing IKEA-specific in this project), so hit up the source link for more info.

T-Shirt Filing Hemnes Drawer [IKEA Hackers]


    Or you could use an actual filing cabinet drawer…

    Terrible. Everything looks bunched up and wrinkled. The ease of access you gain would be totally outweighed by the crappy state of your clothes!

    Unless you are short on wardrobe space and even then, why in Gods name would you want to hang your shirts like this? A lot of work to turn a drawer into a closet. I guarantee, you'll use it a few times and then start throwing your shirts on the lounge or similar. Waste of time and money!

    Last edited 10/03/13 1:12 pm

    This is lunacy from the top shelf!

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