Grab Glary Utilities Pro For Free (Normally $US40)

Windows: Glary Utilities is a comprehensive PC maintenance tool that cleans and repairs your system, optimises startup and memory, and shreds and undeletes files. The Pro edition, normally $US40 (discounted to $US28 right now) is completely free with this special promo.

The Pro edition promises enhanced system fixing and optimising, automatic maintenance in the background, free technical support and allows for commercial use.

To get it, download the "Slim Build" from the link below. Then after installing Glary Utilities, go to the Status tab and click to register with this information:

Registration Name: EaseUS Users Registration Code: 3788-61679-58234-2362

The promotion is offered by EaseUS and shared by Slickdeals user acr.

There's no word on how long this promo will last, so if you're looking for a free upgraded swiss-army-knife type of system optimiser, head over to the download page sooner rather than later.

Glary Utilities [Glarysoft via Slickdeals]


    1. Cleans your system. What does it clean and how does it know. If it's not a spyware or malware tool than what exactly does it clean that is relevant to systems beyond.. say, windows XP..

    2. Optimizes startup - pretty much the same as above. What, does it change some services to start after boot rather than during? Incredibly minor, and you can do it easily by hand, and infact many of these 'optimizations' can lead to slowdowns of things you actually WANT immediately after startup, depending on how/what you use your PC [for].

    3. Optimizes memory.. Anyone who believes that memory optimizers are doing anything except clearing things the OS is purposefully keeping in memory until something you need it for more comes along is kidding themselves. Once again, this isn't 1995.

    4. It shreds files from within windows? Shadow volume services might have something to say about that.. Or the fact the low level access required isn't necessarily even available to a regular app..

    5. Technical support. You'll probably want it free when you realize that it's either useless, or has actually slowed down certain things..

    6. Er.. This has seriously been shared by 2 users at 6am? False, or a factor of the way you syndicate content.. Either nobody cares, or my dad is reading this right now and will surely call me in the morning to talk about this "technology"..

    Nearly everything on here has at least 1 share.. I highly suspect you guys share it yourselves as to avoid having 0 shares, 0 comments. Dirty trick and highly deceptive.

      nah i think its probably some lazy user on twitter who setup a script to automatically share everything from a range of websites.

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