Gmail Adds Notification Drawer Shortcuts, Faster Search To Android

Android: Google has updated the official Gmail app for Android, adding quick shortcuts to the notification drawer and improved inbox search.

Now, if you're running Jelly Bean or above, you'll see shortcuts for Archive and Reply under Gmail notifications in the notification drawer, letting you quickly act on messages as you get them. The update also includes faster search and better search suggestions within the app. Both are welcome updates, and you can grab them by updating Gmail from Google Play. Hit the link below to read more.

Reply and search faster with the Gmail app for Android [Official Gmail Blog]


    why no delete?

      Probably so you dont accidentally delete it, in a moment of fury.

      Last edited 19/03/13 11:38 pm

        the cynic in me thinks that Google wants you to archive everything and eventually run out of storage so you'll have to buy more.

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