From The Tips Box: Sunglasses Holders, Hotel Fridges

From The Tips Box: Sunglasses Holders, Hotel Fridges

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for storing your sunglasses in your car and replacing Google Calendar’s Quick Add function.

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Hang Your Sunglasses on Your Visor with a Binder Clip


Gino De Sicco keeps his sunglasses at the ready:

I found out another utility for binder clips (as if they didn’t had enough) and, since I’ve never seen this one on LH before, I thought I might show it to you guys.

Basically, it’s a sunglass holder to be used inside your car. To mount it, get two of the big ones, insert them one against each other. One must be attached to the sun visor and the other one will stay free, so just hold your sunglasses in it. The image above should explain it well.



Get a Refrigerator In Your Hotel Room for Free

RobW74 shares a handy hotel hack:

If your room doesn’t have a refrigerator and you call the front desk to request one, you’re going to get charged a daily rate rental rate for it.

If you call the front desk and say you have medication you need to refrigerate, you’ll get one for free.

This is really great if you actually do have medication you need to refrigerate. You could of course use this knowledge for more devious means, but that’s up to you. Picture: Stan Dalone

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