Flipboard Now Lets You Make Custom Magazines

iOS: Popular magazine-style reading app Flipboard has updated with a few new features. It now includes the ability to make your own magazines, and it packs a bookmarklet so you can add articles you find on the web to your own magazine.

The new personal magazine feature allows you to create a customised magazine with your interests. You can then save that magazine and share it with others on your social networks. The adding process isn't relegated to just Flipboard though, with the new Flipboard bookmarklet you can add stories you find on the web to any magazine in your collection, which essentially turns it into a read-later service. Along with the custom magazines comes notifications, personalised recommendations and an improved search.

Flipboard: Your Social News Magazine (free) [iTunes App Store via Gizmodo]


    Now that they've added there own "read it later" feature they have removed the great functionality of the real Read It Later. You used to be able to save articles with a tap of the fast action button and they would be saved to Pocket. Now the fast action button leads to there own 'make a magazine', why would I want that when I've got Pocket!! Great one Flipboard. Please bring back that functionality!

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