Filebot Gets Your Downloaded Music And Movies In Shape For Your Media Centre

Filebot Gets Your Downloaded Music And Movies In Shape For Your Media Centre

Windows/Mac/Linux: If your media library looks anything like mine, it could use a tuneup. Missing subtitles; files that XBMC or Plex won’t recognise because they’re not named properly; missing episode, series or movie info; the list goes on. Filebot is an open source, cross-platform batch file renaming and organisation tool that will whip your library into shape in no time.

Filebot is a breeze to use, and you can drag and drop large numbers of files onto it at once and let it do most of the work for you. It will download subtitles, automatically identify TV shows, movies and series names, and download relevant information and artwork. The app will even organise new files automatically for you so your library doesn’t end up reverting to its former state. The best part is that Filebot knows the naming conventions supported by most HTPC front-end applications and media players, so it can batch rename the files for you so everything stays nicely organised.

The video tutorial above is long, but it’s a great primer on how to use the app if you run into problems. Filebot can also be used as part of a fully automated media center that grabs new media as soon as it’s available. It’s completely free, open source, and available for Windows, Mac, and multiple flavours of Linux. Hit the link below to download, or to read more about the app’s features.



  • ive been using this for months now, since i have over 2tb of movies and tv shows its great, only shows it cant get right are DragonBall + Z + GT and Mr bean the animated series

  • The only problem with FileBot is, if it doesn’t match something properly you can’t correct it – your only option is to delete it from both the source and destination sides, then manually find the file and rename it the way you would like.

    Other than that, I too have been using it for the last few months. After years of having my uhh … “offsite backups” of TV shows be a complete and utter mess, I used both FileBot and Name Mangler to get the TV shows in order and consistent, and with episode names. Then ran it over my “offsite backups” movies so they all now have the year of release included in the name (and I could have added other things if I so wanted too).

    • Nope. It’ll usually ask you to enter the movie name. You can force manual selection via SHIFT-click datasource. It’s all in the FAQ and video tutorial. 😉

  • Hypothetically I would recommend tvrename. It takes a little time to set up, but once done it’s bloody brilliant. It downloads posters for you, can sort/name by tv order or DVD order, let’s you know what episodes are missing and even lets you know when the next episode is due out.
    The best part is it allows command line instructions.This means you can set utorrent to run a batch file when an episode is downloaded to automatically move and rename files. My batch file copies the file to a holding folder (allowing the torrent to keep seeding), tvrename Then Runs in command line mode and scans all my shows for missing episodes. Missing Episodes are searched for in my holding folder. If they are found, it moves the file into the correct season folder For the correct show and renames it to whatever format I specify.
    Add rss feeds to utorrent and your media centre becomes a TiVo.
    Hypothetically, of course.

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