File Cabinets And Ephemera: A Documentarian's Workspace

Today's featured workspace belongs to designer and filmmakers Doug Wilson and Brandon Goodwin, who built their own desks and decorated their workspace with the stuff they love. It's one of the most common approaches to a beautiful workspace.

Doug shares his approach:

My aesthetic is a mix of trying to be clean and modern but also accepting that I am a collector of vintage ephemera and objects. I decorate with many letterpress-printed posters along with objects found at flea markets.

Brandon and I built our own desks using solid-core doors and legs. This kept our costs down as well as gave us a hand-built feel to the space. As a collector, I can never have enough flat files to organise and sort my vintage finds.

Their office is another great example of how great design happens when simplicity meets personality.

A Typographic Office for Two [Apartment Therapy Tech]


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