Evernote For Mac Now Lets You Add Quick Notes From The Menubar

Mac: Quickly recording your thoughts or adding notes in Evernote just got a lot easier for Mac users. Now you can enter text or drag files straight onto the Quick Note pane in the menu bar.

To quickly add a note, click on the elephant in the menu bar or use the Ctrl+Cmd+N keyboard shortcut. The dropdown window offers a scratchpad for your new note. When you're done, hit Cmd+Return, and it will save to Evernote. It's really the quickest and simplest way to get that thought out of your head and into the all-purpose, amazing note-taking tool.

Quick Note also offers convenient buttons for creating audio notes and screenshots. You can also leave the note without saving if you want to later add more stuff to it.

It's a small but handy update you can grab directly from Evernote in the link below.

Evernote for Mac Update: Save Time with Quick Note [The Evernote Blog]


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