Editing Gumtree Ads Isn’t Always Free

Editing Gumtree Ads Isn’t Always Free

Gumtree is one of the most popular local options for selling off unwanted stuff, in part because basic listings don’t cost anything. However, bear in mind one restriction: you can only edit your ad up to 12 hours after posting. If you want to make changes after that, you’ll have to pay a fee.

Gumtree outlines the policy in its help documents. Editing is free for the first 12 hours (and you can see how much time you have left before editing closes by hovering over the question mark in the ad). After that time expires, you need to bump it to a featured advertisement to edit it, which will cost you $2 (and possibly more if you add other extras). As this Whirlpool thread points out, it’s quite easy to copy the text from your existing ad, delete it and then repost it rather than editing it and paying for the privilege.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think this is an unreasonable policy. Gumtree is expected to make money somehow (it’s a subsidiary of eBay, so it doesn’t exist just for the good of the community). If you write your ad carefully before posting, you should be able to dodge the fee.


  • its quite easy to copy the text from your existing ad, delete it and then repost it rather than editing it and paying for the privilege

    Nope. Gumtree detects thath it’s the same as a recently posted ad and restricts you from postin the duplicate for something like 24 hours, or at least that’s what they were doing a year ago.

    • they’re certainly not checking every post as i do this all time with no issue, occasionally you get the message that says your post may not appear for 24hours due to high posts but thats usually a rubbish cover all too

  • Is this a new thing because I went to edit my ad today after it expired a few weeks ago and I’ve never had this problem. I cannot edit without copping the $2 fee. When was this introduced?

  • Nope, that bump up thing is just an attempt to get more out of you. If you edit it, press ‘save now’ you will be taken to a page with an implied requirement that you ‘bump up’ your add for $1.99. Right next to the submit button (the bright orange one) is a smaller ‘cancel’ one. If that’s not working for you, after you’ve pressed ‘save now’, your edits will be saved and you can view them by going back to ‘my gumtree’.

  • Can’t even repost an expired ad without them wanting $1.99 from you to bump it up. The “Bump it up” checkbox is unable to be unticked. I knew this would happen eventually after eBay bought them out. Looks like I’ll be moving to dinkos.com.au now.

  • Hi I would like to thank the writer for explaining the fee rises on ebay and also for how Gumtree works, it was quite helpful .I used to advertise and sell casually on ebay ,however found that it was getting too expensive. I sell on Gumtree now. I still find Ebay an excellent place to shop. Regards. Lester

  • Gumtree is a pain in the a**! Nowadays its insisting on signups to see phone numbers/emails to respond to the ad.

    Wish Aussies would adopt Craigslist already 🙂

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