Downgrade From iTunes 11 On A Mac

iTunes 11 has been out for a few months now, but not everyone like it. If you're wishing you'd never made the upgrade, Ars Technica has put together a guide for rolling back to the previous version (10.7) using free software and just a few simple steps.

For whatever reason, Apple doesn't make it easy to downgrade its apps. While it's possible to get some of the old iTunes features back, you can't get everything. So, if you're sick of iTunes 11 and you want to head back to iTunes 10.7, Ars Technica shows how to do it with two apps, AppZapper and Pacifier. The process is a bit of headache, but it doesn't take long. Head over to Ars Technica for the full how-to.

How to downgrade from iTunes 11 to version 10.7 on your Mac [Ars Technica]


    I rolled it back to iTunes 0.0 at least five years ago - best thing I have ever done.
    Using iTunes is like having a crass 'salesman' DJ in your living room spinning one of those
    Fisher-Price decks and charging you for the privilege.

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