Do You Ever Visit The Google Homepage?

Yesterday, we shared a a Chrome extension that lets you customise the Google homepage. Some of you noted that you can't remember the last time you visited the Google homepage, since it's so easy to search via Chrome's omnibar or the search bar in Firefox. That got us thinking: when was the last time you visited the Google homepage?

Do you visit regularly to search, or do you only stop by to see the latest Google doodle? While I'm a big fan of personalising your experience wherever you can, and I love the Chrome extension we mentioned, I have to agree that I use the omnibar and search bar much more frequently than I go directly to Google to search for something. What about you? Let us know in the comments below.


    Sure do! Set to the home page for new tabs. While I do use the search bar on occassion, it doesn't interpret some searches correctly (e.g. Define: something- It doesn't like the semicolon) so I find the omnisearch or firefox url bar search not real helpful.

      Same. This is the 1st thing I do when first opening a new browser be it after a new OS install or adding another browser. I could use the omibar, but I fear I'm a stickler for the old fashioned way of using things at times. I also just prefer the clean ready to go look when opening a browser.

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      You don't need the semicolon for it to work now, or maybe it has always worked without the semicolon.

      I do define searches through the omnibar all the time... or do you mean it doesn't work in Firefox?
      I haven't noticed any differences between searching via the omnibar and searching via Google...

      Semicolon? There's your problem, the "define:" search uses a colon!

        Yeah I always get the two mixed up, that's the one I meant.

    Never, all my searches are done using the address bar in Chrome these days.

    It's the home page for all my browsers. I use the search bar a lot but some times it's better to you googles home page for predictions etc.

    All the time especially if i forget about the search function in the address bar (which happens more frequently than i would like).

    I've recently started to use it again since Opera stopped giving suggestions in the search bar in the last update.

    Last time I looked was the last time there was a Google Doodle that you guys (or someone else in my reader feed) recommended.

    Never. Except when someone shares a Doodle or when I'm on someone else's computer with an older browser. Nor do I use the address bar. I'm a big fan of Google's old, and now sadly unsupported, toolbar as it displays my keywords on the toolbar which I can then click to take me directly to each occurrence of whichever word I click. I love it so much I've had to employ a hack to make it work.

    Regularly. You can't do file-based image searches from the omnibar.

    Only when I want search suggestions because Firefox won't do it in the Awesome bar and I disable the Search bar.

    I still do, partially because my browser sometimes autocompletes to the wrong thing and I end up with some incomprehensible search, but mostly because it's just a habit I've had for a long time and I don't see any real reason to break it. If I need to make a quick search I'll use the bar but if I have time to kill I tend to go to the homepage.

    Every day, all day, as I still have an iGoogle page as my home page. When I get Windows 8 at work, I'll stop because I can get the same effect using live tiles, but I love my iGoogle page.

      So you're the one who's using it !

    Basically searching isn't the main thing I do with my browser.

    I have the tabs setup where I want to go - setting Google as your home page and then searching for the same thing every time is a bit....silly.

    Yesterday... How else am i supposed to do a reverse image search? :p

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