Deploy To Windows Azure Using Dropbox

There are plenty of ways to upload code to Windows Azure, but tools like Team Foundation Service can be dauntingly unfamiliar. If you want a simpler option, you can now deploy sites from a much better-known environment: Dropbox.

The Windows Azure Team blog goes into detail on the process, which essentially doesn't require much more than authorising Dropbox as a source in the Azure Management Portal and then copying the relevant files into a specifically-named Dropbox folder. It's not something you'll necessarily want to do with more complex deployments, but for simple testing it could save a lot of time. Check out the video above for a demo.

New! Deploy to Windows Azure Web Sites from Dropbox [Windows Azure Team Blog]


    Er.. Seems like it will encourage far too many people to make live changes..

    Also Azure is so grossly overpriced..

    Last edited 21/03/13 10:19 am

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