Delay Start Staggers Out Your Mac's Startup Items

Mac: Startup items are great when you use the same programs all the time, but if you have a lot of them loaded up, it can seriously extend your computer's boot time. While it's easy enough to remove some of those items, Delay Start is a simple app that lets you stagger out when those programs open.

We've talked a lot about speeding up your boot time, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by overhauling your startup items. Delay Start makes that easier by giving you better control over what apps open and when they do. Just hit the "+" sign in Delay Start, add the app of your choice, set the time interval (in seconds), and you're done. Then, when you open Delay Start, it will open all those apps at once by the interval you set.

It's especially helpful on older Macs that might need a little help during the boot-up process.

Delay Start (free) [Mac App Store via Addictive Tips]


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