Create A Versatile, Inexpensive Photo Gallery Wall With Door Bottoms

A photo gallery wall is a great way to decorate and add more personality to your home. However, pre-made photo ledges can be expensive, and solutions like using rain gutters as shelves require time and effort. Here's a simple and cheap alternative: door bottoms.

Door bottoms are flexible strips of plastic usually used to seal the bottom of external doors. As the Never Have I Ever blog discusses, however, they're also really easy to cut and screw into a wall in 10 minutes to turn into mini shelves.

You might not want to place heavy frames on these, but it's a clever idea for grouping small photos together and easily mixing them up whenever you want.

Hit up the link below for more details and photos.

Created a Photo Gallery Wall [Never Have I Ever]


    Nah, that doesn't look tacky, plastic or cheap at all...

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