Coffitivity Plays Ambient Cafe Noise To Boost Your Productivity

Coffitivity Plays Ambient Cafe Noise To Boost Your Productivity

Several studies have previously shown that the buzz in a cafe is good for your creativity and productivity, thanks to providing “just the right amount” of background noise. Now, you don’t have to head outside your home to get that work boost. The Coffitivity web app plays that ambient noise to get your creative juices flowing.

Coffitivity offers a realistic recreation of a cafe's vibe, complete with clinking cups and background chatter. So you get all of that cafe buzz without having to fight for a seat or buy lattes all day.



  • (1) Why is Eureka spelt wrong on the graphic in the Lifehacker story, but correct on the graphic on the company’s web site?

    (2) I need to try this out. I find that the background noise of a cafe or even steadily innocuously busy office environment (not quiet punctuated by bits of talking or keyboarding, but a stead volume and type of noise) very conducive to task focus and productivity.

  • I’m not so convinced by this, however, I havn’t tried it out. In my opinion, the main reason that working in a cafe gives a productivity boost is because sitting in a cafe gives you the sense that you have already committed to doing the work. Once you buy your Latte or Soy Chai Latte, in my case, then you’ll feel inclined to look busy while sitting there as to not “waste the seat” which others could potentially use if you weren’t there. I don’t know if anyone else is like that but that is definitely my state of mind when working in a cafe.

    • That’s definitely not my motivation for higher levels of productivity. It really is the “background noise” phenomenon. I’m the strange gal who’s posted on here before about not being able to work to music because my brain grabs onto the music and runs with it, and I lose focus on my tasks, whereas tuning a television to a random sitcom and leaving the conversation and random noises of it on helps me get work done. (Too much working in front of the telly when I was in primary school, perhaps!)

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