Clean Your Office Chair's Wheels More Effectively With A Butter Knife

It doesn't matter whether your office chair is cheap or expensive, the wheels will eventually pick up all sorts of dirt and grime. You can brush a lot of it off, but home and technology blog Apartment Therapy Tech recommends a butter knife for more effective cleaning.

Bust out the butter knife for stuck-on stubborn material. Angle your knife nearly parallel with the wheels, holding it steady, but "slicing" in the same directions as the wheels spin. Spreading onto toast afterward is not recommended.

For additional tips on getting the grime off your task chair's wheels, hit up Apartment Therapy Tech for the full post.

How to Clean Task Chair Caster Wheels for Smooth Rolling [Apartment Therapy Tech]


    Does anyone actually ever clean their office chair wheels...?

    I'm also imagining what other methods this person might have used before trying a butter knife (aka any sort of scraping object)... A chicken wing? A kitten perhaps? A stick of butter?

    Like seriously...!!??

    WTF.... Clean the friggin floor once in awhile... :)

    And after doing this, you can then make the tastiest butter on toast that you've ever had in your LIFE!

    And you don't even have to add butter!

    Yuck I stirred my coffee with that knife :(

    What do you do with all that perfectly good grime?

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