Charge Your Phone Faster By Switching To Flight Mode

We've all experienced desperately needing to recharge our phone at the last minute. Here's a way to get the most possible charge for your precious time at a charger: put your phone in flight mode first.

Picture: Claire P./Flickr

Putting your phone into flight mode turns off all the wireless radios inside, so while you won't be able to receive calls, use data or use GPS, you also won't be fighting background processes that use those radios for power while your phone is plugged in. The end result is your phone will charge a little faster, and you'll walk away with more power in your battery than you would otherwise.

Of course, you could get a similar effect by just turning your phone off (sans power required to shut down/start up), but this method is less time-consuming.

Need to Charge Your Phone Fast? Switch to aeroplane Mode [Apartment Therapy Unpluggd]


    god there has been some pointless articles lately

    Just my 2 cents, its faster to charge from a power socket.

    To charge your phone even faster than that, turn it off. And if you want to get super awesome charging speed, turn it off and plug it into a wall charger

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