CanWeNetwork Filters Out All But Your Best Connections On LinkedIn

Android/iOS: LinkedIn connects you with lots of professionals, but it doesn't offer a great way of finding out who you actually ought to spend time networking with. CanWeNetwork connects to your account and analyses those connections to figure that out for you.

All you do is connect your LinkedIn account and wait for CanWeNetwork's suggestions. You'll receive a number of related suggestions — mine were relevant not only to what I do but to other interests as well — along with a match percentage to let you know which ones are the best. On top of that, you can view other contacts near you, keep an eye on your profile, and, of course, contact anyone you want to network with. CanWeNetwork is free to use and accomplishes what ought to be LinkedIn's flagship feature.

Can We Network (free) [Google Play Store and iTunes App Store]


    I like this. with the wealth of information hidden in LinkedIn data I think there is a huge opportunity for 3rd party apps to plug-in and add greater value. does LinkedIn offer APIs for this type of integration?

    This app adds you to a group - network Army - and then uses the members of that group as a reference point. And I don't recall it asking permission.

    @Adam, it added you into that group as well - did you know that? Do you remember it asking to modify your LinkedIn membership?

    So, this app seems to only analyse those people who have this app installed - it's got nothing to do with YOUR LInkedIn network, only the group of THEIR products users.

    it's an interesting concept, but very concerned about the implementation.

      Sorry, but I have no Idea what this is about, perhaps you have the wrong user?
      I am not a member of linkedIn

      Last edited 29/03/13 11:02 am

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