Build Your Own T-Shirt Folding Board

Employees at clothing stores use special boards to quickly and perfectly fold their merchandise. You can create the same tool at home with some scrap cardboard and tape.

The video above will walk you through the simple process. Once you're done, you'll be making crisp folds in mere seconds. Handy if you're a T-shirt folder rather than a hanger.

Shirt Folding Board from Cardboard and Duct Tape [Instructables]


    Now that's an oh-duh. Currently in a situation with more space to stack than to hang (grrr), I almost bought one of these off a deal-a-day site. Thanks for reminding me I can just make my own.

    And if you think a shirt-folding board is just another gimmicky gadget like a mango slicer or strawberry huller, think again. What it gets you is a pile of things all folded to exactly the same size, effortlessly. Having worked in retail, I know how much faster this can make the job, and how much neater the results are.

      *Gives the Sheldon stare of disapproval o__o

    Or fold a tshirt like a ninja for free:

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