Build Your Own Cheap Arduino Clone

The Arduino isn't an expensive device, but there is a way to make your own simpler version. Electronics blog Hardware Startup shows off how to build a cheap Arduino clone.

Hardware Startup's build includes a USB to serial converter, an ATmega328p, a 5V power circuit and some headers. Load the the Arduino bootloader on the ATmega, connect everything up and you're good to go.

If you find yourself taking on a lot of Arduino projects and don't want to spend $30 for every single one, this is one way to keep your DIY activities cheap. Head over to Hardware Startup for the guide to making this for yourself.

How to build a 5$ Arduino (Clone) [Hardware Startup]


    Isn't this by design? The arduino is for short lived or prototype projects, so you only own one or two for the testing and design phase.

    When you actually build your widget and your final casing you program a bare atmega and wire up the exact bits you need, no need for the extra pinouts and the space taken up by the full arduino.

    You can get the Atmega controller and other breadboard and wire parts need for a project like this at Squarebit, based out of Melbourne.

    Or you could use something like this

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