Briefly: Lifehacker Bags Best Website Gong, Google Grants 'Opt-Out' Tool To Webmasters, The Sorry State Of TV In Australia

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Lifehacker named Best Website at the 2013 Consensus IT Writers Awards, Google adds opt-out option to webmasters, TV is broken — can anything be done?

  • Google is giving website owners additional control over what content appears where in the search giant's online services. From today, websites will be able to opt out of having their content appear on Google Shopping, Advisor, Flights, Hotels, and Google+ Local search. You can find out more on Google's Webmaster Central blog.
  • Lifehacker took out top honors at the 2013 Consensus IT Writers Awards, winning Best Website. The other shortlisted finalists included our sister publications Gizmodo and Kotaku — not a bad day for Allure Media!
  • The PC game Just Cause 2 is currently going for just $US3.00 on Steam — that's a whopping 85 per cent off the normal asking price. [Via OzBargain]
  • Gizmodo writer and sometimes-Lifehacker contributor Alex Kidman has written an interesting rant about the state of TV production, the sense of entitlement among viewers and the myriad effects of piracy. "TV is broken, but there are no easy fixes," Kidman concludes. Read the full article here.


    Lifehacker the "best"? I mean, they're good and all.. But the BEST? It's 90% syndicated content...

    @anguskidman Congratulations, Gus and team!
    Ignore the haters, there's been some really solid content over the last year or so, and the site has really developed with major improvements too. (shout out to @benwhite !)

    I hope to see more serialised content like the 'challenge' style pieces you've done over the last couple of years - ie, the budget food and no luggage bits.
    Thanks mate, keep up the good work :)

    Last edited 27/03/13 12:44 am

    Hmmm.... would of thought Giz would at least get a mention, I personally prefer it to LH because it is more tech orientated.

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