Banish Gross Bin Odours With Sesame Oil

Banish Gross Bin Odours With Sesame Oil

Some of life’s best discoveries have been happy accidents. Potato chips were invented by a sarcastic chef who had been told his pan-fried potatoes were too thick and soggy. Phosphorous was discovered by evaporating urine into a cauldron in a misguided hunt for gold. Now, we can add sesame oil as an odour repellent to the mix.

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Last week, my endearingly clumsy wife accidentally spilled some sesame oil in the kitchen. She mopped up the spill with a paper towel and tossed it into the bog of eternal stench otherwise known as our Otto/wheelie bin. What transpired next was a bit of a surprise to both of us.

The horrific odour emanating from our bin had completely disappeared. Instead of a waft of used baby nappies, rotting fish and fermenting bin juice, we were greeted with the sweet, sweet aroma of Asian cuisine. The sesame oil had successfully smothered every other smell.

So if your bin is getting unbearably smelly towards the end of the week, liberally sprinkle some sesame oil into it — the results will surprise you.

Think you’ve got a better solution to combat bin pong? Share your remedies in the comments section below.


  • Damn this would have been so handy a week ago >_<

    Our estate agent discovered a lovely gift of a huge dead rat our cat had left for us next to the house which promptly got thrown in the bin….Unfortunately this was 6 days before the bins were being collected again…That bin ended up in the rear corner of our backyard, even closed you didn’t want to be within several metres of it >_

  • @chrisjager Some Phenyle in a spray bottle will do the trick. You don’t need much. You can get it at many supermarkets and pretty much all hardware stores.

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