Ask LH: Why Are My Kindle Paperwhite Ads Irrelevant?

Dear Lifehacker, Recently I bought a new Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday and I have been in love with it since day 1. When I purchased it, I bought the "special offers" version for the lower cost under the notion that I could save some money on the purchase and also save money on books that took my fancy. However, upon trying to access the special offers, I noticed that most of them don't apply to me, only to US Customers. Is it fair that I'm being used to made money for an item with advertising but I can't access the advertising at all? If I'd known this was the case, I'd have spent the extra $20 and gone ad-free. Thanks, Concerned Kindler

Dear LH,

To be honest, it sounds unfair to the advertiser — the money they're paying to Amazon to claim a small portion of your eyeballs is wasted. This might be why Amazon only officially sells the ad-free to Australian address. You can work around this (and you obviously did), but it's not totally surprising that the content is irrelevant. Much of Amazon's content is region-fenced, and its advertising is too.

The lesson here? Be cautious when importing ad-supported products. But don't stress too much — you still have a fine e-reader, and you do have $20 you can spend on extra titles for it.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    From the advertisers perspective its not entirely unfair. The offer might not apply to the Australian user, however they might be tempted to still purchase at the full price.

    But yeah, there's a reason Amazon don't sell them to Australians. If you choose to circumvent this, then you can't really winge that you're not getting value for your money.

    You still ended up saving $20 so I really fail to see your problem.

    Why Are My Kindle Paperwhite Ads Irrelevant? Shoulda sprung the extra twenty bucks for the non add version:)

    Who the hell wakes up and says...Yes i want LOTS of ads for the lifetime of my kindle to save $20....If it was $100+ i could understand for most...but $20...

    I Logged a support call with Amazon, and the support guy could see I was in Australia and removed ads for free. Bonus!


      Amazon will remove the ads if you're an overseas (non-US) customer. Obviously, this is not something they advertise, but I have read numerous accounts of people doing this without any hassle at all.

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