Ask LH: Where Can I Get A Prepaid BlackBerry SIM?

Ask LH: Where Can I Get A Prepaid BlackBerry SIM?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a Blackberry from overseas and I’m wondering: which companies in Australia provide a BYO SIM with the BIS Service? Thanks, BlackBerry Importer

Dear BI,

The demise of Crazy John’s and Boost means there are no longer any pre-paid options for BlackBerry BIS (at least not that we’re aware of — if any readers know otherwise, feel free to respond in the comments section below).

You can get contract SIMs from all major telcos but it’s important to check the T&Cs carefully — Telstra charges $10 a month extra, while most Optus and Vodafone plans don’t include BIS. We’d advise heading into a store and speaking with a representative rather than simply ordering online.

Incidentally, the new Blackberry Z10 smartphone does not require a BIS plan. This gives you a wider choice of potential carriers (and the ability to grey import the device if you like), but also means you don’t get unlimited email and browsing.


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